Care Guide

Taking Care Of Your Magic Kimono Of Super Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Powers.

When It First Arrives

Like a new born baby your Midoyria Kimono requires tender loving care, we pre shrink and pre colour treat all our gear, but we suggest a gentle hand wash or hand wash cycle on your first wash.

Colour Protection

As this is some hardworking kit created to choke out and squash people around you, your kimonos can, as with all garments fade over time or get colour rub off from your grappling mats. Wash at a 30 Degree cycle or 86 Fahrenheit to avoid colour fade, add an oxygenated, bleach free whitening treatment to the wash with your white Kimonos to stop sweat oxidisation turning your kimono yellow or grey.

Avoid Going Soft

In order to maintain that tough exterior we suggest avoiding softeners, wash your kimonos with white vinegar or bicarbonate wash crystals.

Press or Steam

You can press your kimonos with a hot iron, but as with any garment steaming them is better for the overall life span.

Taking Care Of Your Fight Gear & Holding Those Wobbly Bits Tight

Wearing compression layers, will prevent blood from pooling in any wobbly areas you may have and also improve overall circulation. As you can imagine, compression garments can get soiled quickly during class or a match.

Fortunately, they are easy to keep clean. Add to your washing machine with active detergent and wash on a gentle cycle. While it’s optional, we recommend that you put the compression gear into a laundry bag as that will prevent the fabric from being stretched and damaged.

Once it’s done washing, you can hang them to dry. Avoid putting them in the dryer as the heat can cause them to shrink over time. Avoid ironing or steaming them.